How to Care... For your JJ Leathersmith Products.

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So lovely to have you here! Many of you have been with us for years and your bags have been with you for years too! If your are anything like me, you often say to yourself that you should get around to caring for your bag. It some how seems to always get put off for me. Well not today! We put together a video how-to care for your leather. 

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Leather has a natural level of oil that help it stay flexible and keep it from cracking and becoming brittle. Every so often you need to replenish those oils. How often, depends on the abuse and exposure to the elements it goes though. The more often it gets wet or beat up on its adventures, the more often you will need to oil it. I recommend every 6 months to a year for how most people use their bags. When choosing the product to replenish the leather with, there are two basic types, Oil or Oil + Wax. Oil is great for quick application. It replenishes the leather and adds an amount of weather protection by occupying some of the space between the molecules of the leather thus not letting water in as easily. For bags that see more of the elements, Oil + Wax options help create a wax barrier on the surface of the leather while the oil seeps deep into the fibers. The wax acts as a water proofing film on the leather. This is the kind of product that we normally put on hiking or work boots. After applying these types of product you can see the water bead up on the leather. These Oil + Wax options do need to be buffed out after a few hours of application. So they are a bit more work.

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