3 Pro-tips to wallet organization bliss, why is your wallet overloaded and some of the common mistakes to avoid.

3 Pro-tips to wallet organization bliss, why is your wallet overloaded and some of the common mistakes to avoid.

We have all had a wallet something like this one at some point. Okay, maybe not that bad, but you get the point.
Our passion is leather wallets and we spend a lot of time thinking about how to carry better. Here are some of the common mistakes that we see people doing that lead to the Costanza wallet and some ways to avoid them.

Common mistakes that clutter up our wallets

  1. Many wallets are just too big. They have too much space and too many compartments. It is the classic issue that we face today, we have the innate desire to fill up spaces. It happens in our homes and it happens in our wallets. By using a minimal wallet we are guided to be selective of the items that we carry with us, leaving us to only have the truly useful and necessary items in our wallet. No more receipts from 2018 scrunched down into the deepest depth of our wallets.

  2. That receipt from 2018 brings me to our next mistake that is often made, not doing frequent clean outs. It is all to easy to just keep piling in slips of paper after business card after receipt into the bottomless recesses of our wallets. If we dont take a quick second every now and then to unload those little slips of chaos, it becomes a daunting task that just keeps getting put off. If you are saving your paper copies, have a place where they go. It can be in a filing cabinet, a shoe box or a file folder on your desk. Just get them sorted to a spot that isn’t your wallet. If you don’t need the physical copy, just take a quick photo with your phone and recycle or compost those little suckers.

  3. Carrying every credit card shaped item that we own in our wallets. Gym memberships from the 80’s, reward card, you name it, wallets all around the world are being overwhelmed. With minimal wallets, we learn to carry what we actually use day to day. Those secondary cards that are important but rarely used I keep in my desk in a nice little pouch. Bonus protip: I have another pouch for all the business cards that I receive. I have about 10 years worth of business cards in there and I do find myself going back and looking though every so often when I am trying to source something new. We sure meet a lot of remarkable people, dont we?

Protips to have you in wallet organization bliss

  1. Empty out receipts often. Have a place where receipts go that isn’t your wallet. It could be digital. There are many apps that quickly digitize the information on receipts and organize it into exportable spreadsheets, which is great for record keeping and tax time. Shoeboxed.com is a great option, but a quick google search will bring up many options.

  2. Keep you bills in order of denomination. I keep the larger bills at the back and the smaller bills at the front. This helps to keep track of how much cash you have on hand as well as makes it fumble free when pulling out the right bills to pay. And it just feels good to see them in order too!

  3. We all tend to have a card or two that we use more often then the rest. Put those high use cards together and in a part of the wallet that has easy access. This will keep you from needing to search though every time you are at the check out since they are always in the same spot ready to go.


In conclusion.

As in minimalism, keeping an organized wallet comes down to paying attention to what is really important and need. By only carrying what we need we give ourselves a little bit more peace and organizing in a world that is overrun will clutter and chaos.


Do you have any thoughts on how to keep your wallets better organized? Share them in the comments below!